Adding Students to Your Roster

To add students to your roster as an Educator, start on the Manage - Students page. First, click on All Students to access all of the students in the school.

To add a single student to your roster, you can search for them by typing their first name, last name, or username in the search box and pressing Enter.  Click on the plus sign to the right of the students username to add them to your roster.

Last, click on Yes to confirm adding the student to your roster. 

To add multiple students in the same grade to your roster, you can search by grade.  After selecting the grade, you can Select All, under Actions, or you can chose the students you want to add by checking their avatars on the left hand side.

Next, click on Associate Students under Actions, then Yes to confirm.  All of the students you selected will be added to your roster.

You can view your roster by clicking on My Students under View