What are the file specification for importing accounts?

Import files must be in CSV format.  You can convert an Excel file to CSV by doing a "Save As" and selecting Comma Separated Values (.CSV) as the format.

Required Fields

  1. Username/Unique Id - 3 to 30 characters, may not contain spaces, may only contain lowercase or capital letters, numbers, underscore (_) or dash (-). Recommended: For students, use unique student/lunch id (e.g. 123011). For teachers, use a unique teacher id or (less preferred) a combination of first/last name and initials (e.g. smithj). 
  2. Password (required only for new accounts) - 3 to 16 characters, may not contain spaces or these special characters: ! * ( ) : ; , ' \" \\ / [ ] +. Recommended: use part of their date of birth along with their initials (e.g. ah0512). For teachers, use some combination of their name and part of their teacher id (e.g. smith37).
  3. First name
  4. Last name
  5. Grade - PK, K or 1 through 12

All required fields are case-insensitive.

Optional Fields

  1. Email (everyone except students) - providing an email address is highly recommended to receive news, updates, etc.
  2. Educator Username (students only) - The username of the student's homeroom teacher (the Educator account must already exist). The teacher must belong to the same school as the student.

Recommended Field Names For CSV Header


Sample Teacher CSV File
unique_id, password, school_username, first_name, last_name, email mr_smith, passwd1, sycamore, john, smith, jsmith@school.edu miss_doe, passwd2, lincoln, jane, doe, jdoe@school.edu

Sample Student CSV File
unique_id, password, school_username, teacher_username, first_name, last_name, grade_level jtang, passwd1, sycamore, mr_smith, jay, tang, K kjones, passwd2, lincoln, miss_doe, kay, jones, 8 nhem, passwd3, lakeann, , nat, hem, 11

*Existing accounts will be updated (based on usernames) with your new information. New accounts will be created if necessary.