Sharing Student Books

After students have published their books to their teacher's account, teachers have three options.  They can share the book with other students in the same class, share the book with the entire school, or send the book back to the student to make changes and re-publish.

To view books published by your students, click on Reviewable Books under Writing.


From here, you can click on a student name to view a list of all books published to you by that student, you can click on the book title to view the book, or you can select an action.


Choosing Share with students will allow all of the students in  your class to read the book, choosing Share with school will allow all of the students in the entire school to read the book, and choosing Enable student to re-publish will allow the student to make changes to their book and re-publish it to your account.

After choosing any of the three actions, a box will come up asking if you are sure that is what you want to do.  Click Confirm.