Managing Restricted Content

There are two ways to restrict Student access to content on Big Universe, blocking individual books and only allowing books within a specific grade range.  You need to be logged in as the account Administrator for both options.

Blacklisting Content

To block specific books, search for the book you would like to block and click on the book cover to bring up the information page.  From here, just click on the Block button. 


After you have blocked the book, the Read Now button and the book description will no longer be visible, it will be replaced by a restricted content message.  You should also see a message that you successfully blocked the book.


To unblock a book, simple click the Unblock button.  The book description will reappear and you will get a message that you have successfully removed the book from your blacklist. 



Blocking Content by Grade

To only allow books within a set grade range, go to Content Filter under Manage, and then click on Grade Range.  This will bring you to the Grade Range Filter where you can set the Minimum and Maximum grade levels you would like to allow your users to access.