Importing Accounts

To add/update multiple accounts, you need to have Student, Teacher, and School accounts in separate files. The Import Accounts link has more information about the CSV File Specifications and other details.

To import a CSV file, go to Import Accounts under Manage.  Select the correct account type (Schools, Teachers or Students), choose the CSV file containing the accounts, uncheck the box next to File has header row? if your file does not contain a header row, and click the Continue button.

Import Accounts

On the Map page, verify that the number of records found matches how many accounts you have in the file. Make sure that the File has header row? box is checked only if your file has a header row.

Select the Big Universe field that matches each data column, or select (do not include this field) to ignore a column.

Use the Back button to return to the Upload page and make changes. Use the Review Before Submit button to review the import accounts and see any errors prior to importing, or use the Submit button to queue the file for processing and view any errors later.

Mapping Page

On the Review page, verify the accounts that will be processed successfully and ones that will be skipped due to errors.  Use the Back button to return to the Map page and make changes, or click the Submit button to submit the import file for processing in the background.

Review Before Importing

Once the file has been submitted for processing, you will be directed to a page where you can view the status of previously submitted imports. This page can also be accessed using the View Previous Imports link from the Import Accounts page.

After imports have been completed, you can view the number of accounts processed and errors found in the imports. In addition, if you specified an email address on the Map page, you will receive a notification when the import is completed.

View Previous Imports