Assigning Books

Assigning books enables Educators to assign books to Students; the assigned books show up on the student's Assignments page.

You must be signed in as an Educator to assign books and you need to have Students in your class.  Books cannot be assigned by Students.  Educators with the Admin role can only assign books to their Students (not all Students in the account).

To assign a book, start by clicking the Assign button from the books home page.


Next, select the Student(s) you want to assign the book to.  You can select All or check the box next to the individual Students you choose.  If you have a large roster, you may need to select Load More. Click the Save button at the bottom right when you are finished.


All of the books you have assigned can be found on the Assignments page.  Books can be viewed by Assignment or by Student.



Students will find the books you have assigned by selecting the Assignments tab in their account. Assignments will be labeled with the assigning teacher's name and the date the book was assigned. Books assigned most recently show first.