Big Universe is an online reading and writing community.  It is a web-based literacy platform that engages students and empowers teachers. 

Account (Top Level)- created manually when a new "account" is sold/signed up

  • Each account can have 1 or more schools 
  • Within each school, there are Users (Educators and Students)  
  • Teachers can only be in one school in an account - they cannot be in more than one school 
  • A "school" can no longer be deleted in the UI; please submit an ET for any school account deletions

Users (educators, students) belong to an account. Educator accounts allow teachers to manage their students, assign books, review quizzes and quiz reports, and to monitor and manage their students progress, among other things.  Educators can also be given admin privileges, which allows them to make changes to the account and manage account level settings (previously known as District and School accounts).

All Students should also get their own account so teachers can assign books, view their reading logs, and view quiz results.  Students can read, take quizzes, manage their own bookshelves, and customize their Big Universe experience.