Big Universe is an online reading and writing community.  It is a web-based literacy platform that engages students and empowers teachers. 

Big Universe uses a 3 or 4-level account hierarchy; depending on your subscription.  District subscriptions have an additional District Administrator level.

3 Level Account Hierarchy

At the top level, you have your Admin account, which is your school or district account. The District Admin account is often shared by the buyer and the data manager, the School Admin account is typically shared by the principal, the technical person at the school and/or a help desk. This account performs higher level admin functions and also becomes the group name for all sub accounts such as Teacher and Student accounts (and School accounts that are part of a District subscription).

Next we have the Teacher accounts.  Teacher accounts allow teachers to manage their students, assign books, review quizzes and quiz reports, publish student material, and to monitor and manage their students progress, among other things.  Most of these features are only available in the Teacher account, not in the top level admin account, so it is important that all Teachers get their own account

Last we have Student accounts.  All students should also get their own account so teachers can assign books, view their reading logs, and view quiz results.  Students can read, write, take quizzes, manage their own bookshelves, and customize their Big Universe experience.