New Year (Back-to-School)

Welcome back! The following are some suggested help sections to review to get setup for a new school year:

Deleting Accounts

Read how to delete students who are no longer at your school/district in the Deleting accounts section.

Advancing Students

Learn how to advance grades by reading the Advancing Student Grade Levels section.

Update Multiple Student Records (bulk)

Learn how to use a CSV file to add new students and update existing ones (e.g. grade, teacher) by reading the Importing Accounts section.

Moving Students and Educators

Understand how to reassign Educators and schools for Students by reading the Moving Students and Teachers section.

Assign Educator-Student Associations

  • Read about how Educators can select any students in a school in the Choosing Students section.
  • Read about how administrators can assign Educator Student associations with an import in the Importing accounts section.